Friday, December 2, 2011

Syncplicity Is Here For All Your Sync Needs

Syncplicity is the easiest way for you and your company to gain anytime, anywhere access to all the files that are important to you – from any computer, device, server, or cloud application. 

Syncplicity's file synchronization and management technology brings all your data together in one place so it's always backed up, in sync, accessible, and instantly shareable. And because it was designed and built from the ground up for businesses and enterprises, it gives you the level of control, security, and function you need.

If you don't already have an account, start with a free 2GB Personal Edition account or a free 30-day Business Edition trial directly within the app. Then upgrade to a paid plan anytime to get more seats, storage, and features for you and your business.

Syncplicity for Android and Kindle Fire gives you full access to your entire Syncplicity account and makes sure you and your colleagues, partners, and friends are never more than a tap away from an important file.

  • Enjoy a beautiful, 100% native user interface optimized for your device
  • Browse and open any file or folder in your Syncplicity account, including shared and deleted folders
  • Save bandwidth when you open files – Syncplicity skips re-downloading files that haven't changed
  • Upload photos, videos, documents, or any other files from your device or your SD card to any Syncplicity folder
  • Manage files and folders in your entire account – create, delete, and restore anything, anywhere
  • Go back in time with full access to every file's previous versions
  • Stay up-to-date with your News Feed – all events in your account listed in chronological order
  • Share any file with anyone over text, email, or just copy a secure web link into the clipboard
  • Rest easy with end-to-end security – Syncplicity transmits and stores all data encrypted with AES-256 protection
  • Remain safe and in control – unlinking your device online will reset it and wipe all data that's stored on it
  • Access previously opened files and folders even when you're offline
  • Download files directly to your SD card, open them in other applications like Documents to Go, and upload edited copies right back to Syncplicity
  • Upload files to any folder in your account directly from other applications by "sharing" them with Syncplicity
  • Search for files within any folder in your account

The app is completely FREE so go ahead and grab it now:

Syncplicity (FREE) - Android Market

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