Thursday, December 15, 2011

Traffic Panic 3D Makes It To Android!

From the developers of Paper Glider - Neonplay - Comes Traffic Panic 3D : the most explosive driving game EVER! It’s rush hour, but don’t panic! Keep the traffic flowing to avoid crashes, pile-ups and blowing up the entire street!

The UK’s #1 game Traffic Panic returns in 3D with even more addictive, decision-making destruction! This game will make you gawp at the most awesome explosions, crashes and damage you've ever seen!

Get as many cars, trucks and tankers through the intersection as you can by controlling the traffic lights.

    • So do we. Therefore causing damage and mayhem also earns you extra points and bonus Credits!
    • Unlock interactive content for even more CARNAGE! Use the traffic-stopping emergency services to help you cross the traffic OR crash the Fuel Tanker into the Firework Factory to cause an almighty (beautiful) explosion!!

This explosive game costs $2.99 to buy so grab it from the Android Market now:

Traffic Panic 3D ($2.99) - Android Market

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