Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two New Games From Nelphy Games Released To Get You Going In The Christmas Mood & Spirit

Nelphy Games has just released two FREE games to keep you going into the Christmas Spirit and they are - Christmas Slide and Santa Roll! Lets start with Christmas Slide: Spoil yourself and your friends before Christmas by downloading this great game!

In Christmas Slice, the goal is to help the bat to steal Santa’s gifts by cutting boards, and using items such as Christmas socks. The Sliceween character (the little bat) wants to steal those gifts to offer to them to his fiancĂ©e!

Offering 3 different worlds with 20 levels in each, Christmas Slice means 60 levels of pure free fun!!

Santa Roll
Lets move on and roll over to Santa Roll - Use the accelerometer to help Santa to get in the chimney to deliver his gifts!

The accelerometer will allow you to move the boards to get Santa to his goal by avoiding the pitfalls, of course! This physic game will make you use your patience and your precision as it is important to use precisely the accelerometer to win the game!

With three different worlds, each with 20 levels, Santa Roll provides 60 levels of free festive entertainment!

As mentioned, both games are completely FREE and are optimized for smartphones and also tablets, so head on over to the links below to grab them and have fun!

Santa Roll (FREE) - Android Market
Christmas Slide (FREE) - Android Market

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