Wednesday, December 7, 2011

World's First ICS Tablet Selling For $99 Only

Meet Novo7 - the world's First 7 Inch Ice Cream Sandwich powered tablet that costs only $99 to buy! The specs aren't a slouch either with the Novo7 running on a 1 Ghz Single Core CPU powred by a Vivante GC860 GPU, 7 Inch Display, Wifi, 2 MP rear shooter, VGA Front Facing camera,HDMI port, SD card slot and complete with 1080p decoding!

The tablet itself comes preinstalled with Spiderman so expect yourself to be able to play some decent Gameloft games on this device despite the sub-$100 price-tag! Check out the video promo below (seems very corny especially towards the end) and then the link to pre-order this device (expect a grand sold-out!)::

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