Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2D Platformer Game - DB42 Released

DB42 is a 2D platformer game that uses mechanics similar to Portal and Portal 2. You are a lowly Mark I service droid - Dust Bin Designation 42, aka DB42.... or just "Deeby" to your electro-FRIENDS and fellow junk bots. You KNOW you are destined for greater things and have finally won the approval of your overseer to prove your mettle!

Make your way through the Cynobotic Army's Advanced Robotic Training grounds. These will test your wits and resourcefulness to the UTMOST! Jump, run, swing, GRAPPLE and TELEPORT your way to the top!! 

Learn the ropes as you explore the introductory levels that slowly introduce you to the components of the game. From there, you BLAST OFF into many more levels of fun and brain-teasing craziness!!!

The game costs a cheap $1.99 to buy but if you're not sure if this game is worth the admission price, give the LITE version below a try first:

DB42 Lite (FREE) - Android Market

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