Friday, January 13, 2012

BT Controller - Transform Your Android Device To A Wireless Bluetooth Controller!

Ever wanted to play games with a controller but found out that they're too pricey? Well if you have two separate Android device - be it a phone + phone or phone + tablet combo, you can actually use BT Controller to act as a host on one of the devices and the other as the client controller - allowing you to emulate a simple controller! 

All this is done via bluetooth and it works flawlessly when I tested it by making my ASUS EEE Pad Transformer tablet the host and my Nexus One as the client BT Controller. You need the app to be installed on both devices, then you just connect them using the app itself.

The problem is that not all games supports this setup and typically emulators such as:

  • DroidEmuLite
  • Snesoid
  • Nesoid
  • Gensoid
  • N64oid
  • FPse [PSX]
  • Tiger Arcade [CPS2]
  • Mupen64Plus, AE [N64]
  • Mame4Droid [Mame]

Or games such as RipTideGP which allows you to change the button configuration are supported. I did a test on RipTideGP and the game plays really well although there are times when the controller would not respond properly or accurately to what I'm pressing - but it does indeed work. Besides that, I've also tested it out on Mame4Droid on a quick game of Metal Slug - again it works fine but the controls are a bit twitchy and doesn't respond accurately at times.

Some Android games works with the controller too but dont expect the buttons to work..for instance you can try it on Reckless Racing or even Reckless Getwaway but on Reckless getaway, the button presses don't do anything - it can't trigger the "special" in the game.

BT Controller comes in two flavours - an AD Free version which costs a cheap $1.02 and a FREE - Ad Supported version. Give the Ad Supported version below a try and if you like it, please support the developer by purchasing the ad-free version.

BT Controller Ad Support (FREE) - Android Market


Squall_Chua said...

dun u think an android phone is even more pricey?

Malcolm said...

You're right - but if you already have the android phone / device then its not pricey at all since you're making full use of it - obviously don't go buy another android phone just to use BT Controller :)

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