Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Clip Ninja Records Everything You Type!

Ok I admit - the title may sound a little creepy but Clip Ninja is basically a unique application that will save everything you write, anywhere ! It keeps a detailed history of everything you write, in ANY application, not just what you copy in the clipboard. Think of it as a Clipboard Manager on steroids. You'll be amazed !

Wish you copy pasted that text before hitting the Send button ?
Do you want to look at your clipboard history ?
You mistakenly deleted that web address it took so long to write ?
Are you looking for something you wrote yesterday and forgot to save anywhere ?
No problem !

  • Saves everything you type, in any native application, not just what you copy in the clipboard.
  • It's also a great Clipboard Manager. Does what others do, just better.
  • Plays back your typing history with the swipe of a finger. Think of it as a basic undo/redo feature. Messed up anything ? Just go back, copy an old version, and paste it back.
  • Save your favourites with a touch Just tap the star icon.
  • You can filter your history to show everything, just favourites, just clipboard history or just the text you type in a given application.
  • You don't need to leave the app you're using. Tap the notification icon and have it pop up above your current window.
  • Edit your snippets or create new ones from scratch !
  • Send your snippets by mail, twitter and share them with any application.
  • Long click any text in the detail view to select, share or copy just a part of it [only Android 2.3+]
  • Stays in your status bar for quick access. Unless choose to hide it.

  • Setup a lock pattern (the Android's way !) to protect your data from prying eyes.
  • Black list any app you don't want to appear in your clips.
  • We don't send any data over the Internet. This application is not Internet enabled at all.

The app costs a cheap $1.25 to buy so grab it now if you're looking for an excellent clipboard manager for your Android device:

Clip Ninja ($1.25) - Android Market

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