Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get Hooked!

Hooked is a game recommendation system that finds the best free and paid games for you. With over 200,000 games, the Market isn't personalized to you. Hooked learns your gaming preferences, game play statistics, and social mapping to provide you personalized game recommendations and advanced search features.

Hooked will simplify your Android Market experience by making it easier to find the best games just for you!

  • Personalized game recommendations
  • Personal Dashboard: Track all your game play statistics
  • Access all your installed games
  • How many games you have played, 
  • How much time you have played each game 
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • Create your own game Queue: Save games in your account to install and play later
  • Community Discovery: Find out what others are playing, what games they like and don’t like
  • Connect with your friends to see what they are playing!

Go ahead and grab it now for FREE and get hooked!

Hooked (FREE) - Android Market

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