Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shadowgun: Deadzone to be a freemium title

MadFinger Games - developers behind the hit iOS & Android game - Shadowgun has just announced that Shadowgun: Deadzone will be made a freemium title similar to the likes of Blood & Glory and some other Glu mobile titles as well as the upcoming Dungeon Hunter 3 for Android by Gameloft. It is becoming a (disturbing) trend to see a lot of game titles ending up as freemium titles instead of paid ones especially a game like Shadowgun in which the sales seems pretty good.

Perhaps MadFinger Games believes that since Shadowgun: Deadzone is not a full blown game title like the original Shadowgun, they've decided to try the freemium road instead. In any case, we'll know more once the time comes on how they plan to organise this game as a freemium title.

On another note, MadFinger Games will be releasing an expansion pack for Shadowgun as an update to the original (for FREE I suppose) called Left Over. We don't  have any other details on this add on except that it'll be a free update if you purchased the original Shadowgun.

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