Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tower Defense Game SiegeBreaker Released

Here's another tower defense game for those of you who love them - its called Siegebreaker. The Brookelands are under siege! A mysterious evil has arrived, turning all the happy knights and peasants into vile monsters! Only the kings remain, but the undead armies are marching - who can save the kings?

Luckily, fate has chosen Keith, a famous rockstar, to be its champion, and sent him to the castles to save the kings before it's too late.

A confused Keith must use his guitar, his wit and reckless attitude to form a team of siegebreakers. Only the siegebreakers can liberate the Brookelands' many castles from certain destruction.

Key Features:
  • Control your team of wacky characters - tactical placement is they key to victory.
  • Unlock characters and abilities in Siegebreaker's exciting Campaign Mode.
  • Crisp HD graphics and symphonic score.
  • Collect Power Orbs in Siege Mode to upgrade your team's stats and skills.
  • Unlock a secret fourth character!

The game is completely FREE so grab it now:

Siegebreaker (FREE) - Android Market


Suddenly said...

Really need to fix that spelling mistake in the title above, should be "SiegeBreaker"

Malcolm said...

Oops..Fixed :)

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