Friday, February 10, 2012

Be an Animal Tycoon in Animal Tycoon 2!

Build, decorate and expand your own zoo in Animal Tycoon 2 FREE! Satisfy the needs of your visitors by building different constructions like Ice cream shops, Burger stores, French Fries shop or Toilettes. Find the best entrance price and hire employees which keep your zoo clean, feed your animals or take care of your vegetation. 

You can combine dozen of animals and enclosures to make them happy (E.g. Lion with desert enclosure, crocodile with swamp enclosure or e.g. a penguin with the arctic enclosure). Only if you make your animals happy more visitors will come and let you expand to build even more enclosures and hire more staff. Collect money tips from the visitors and pick up trash by yourself. Enjoy hours of great gameplay in the campaign mode or try new strategies in the endless game.

Animal Tycoon 2 (FREE) - Android Market

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