Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blast Zombies In FPS Style WIth iGun Zombie

iGun-Zombie enables shooting simulations and different customizing and supports various game mode with own gun from 150 stage and boss mode to hell wave of infinite forms.

Also iGun-Zombie supplies interest cleared mission with various items and new interest that collects, decorates and upgrades own guns.

  • Supply realization and simulator of 20 guns 
  • 150 Missions and boss mode by type of guns
  • Infinite Zombie Wave "Hell mode" getting stronger 
  • Guns upgrade and customization 
  • Various items -- armor-piercing bullet, grenade, bullet time etc. 
  • World and Individual Ranking 
  • Objective & Achievement 
  • Guns and missions are expected to be updated continuously.

Go ahead and grab it - its FREE!

iGun Zombie (FREE) - Android Market

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