Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pay Any Amount You Want For These 3 Great Games With Humble Bundle!!

Here's an interesting twist to a value pack - you get to pay ANY amount that you want (lowest is a penny!) with the Humble Bundle service! You will get 3 great games in this bundle namely:

  • Anomaly Warzone Earth HD (YES!)
  • EDGE

Now, not only you get those 3 on Android but you get the full versions - cross platform - including on Windows, Mac & Linux too! Also to top it off, if you pay more than the average amount listed (the current average is $5.62 - you will get World Of Goo thrown into the mix as well!

This is a really unique service and you get to split up your contribution between the Developers of the games, Charity (the Child's play charity or the Electronic Frontier Foundation) and finally a "tip" amount to the folks that brought you this great Humble Bundle pack!

If you pay at least $1 (or above) your downloads will be available on Steam allowing you to redeem them and install them as many times as you like - all DRM FREE!

Hurry, don't miss this great opportunity - you only have approximately 13 days left from the time of this post! Go grab it now!

The Humble Bundle - Site Link

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