Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Space Shooter - RPG - X-Fleet Released

X Fleet is a fast-paced space shooter / rpg that doesn’t compromise. It brings you high-end graphics for your Android phone or tablet (Nexus One-level or better), and it’s deeper than your average puzzle game. Hope you’re feeling ninja-fast today.

X Fleet will have you:
  • Blow hundreds of hostile ships out of the sky
  • Snap up loads of weapons and special ship modules
  • Explore 10+ worlds
  • Face off against massive capital ships and motherships
  • Work with - and against - various people you’ll meet on your journey
  • Explore a vast narrative spanning the entire Solar System
  • Rocking out to a full soundtrack including an original track

The game is FREE but has in-app purchases to make your life a lot easier in completing the game but as with all freemium titles, you should be able to complete the game fine without any "help" from the in-app purchases. You can grab the game below:

X-Fleet (FREE) - Android Market

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