Sunday, March 4, 2012

Funpark Friends Released

Build and run your very own enormous, fully animated theme park! Do you love the excitement of theme parks? The fun of Ferris wheels? The thrill of rollercoasters? Then you must try Funpark Friends!

Everyone does, and with the award-winning Funpark Friends you will relive all of those emotions as you build and run your very own enormous, fully animated theme park! When you have your park looking just how you want, get together with your friends and family to share in the fun by visiting each other’s parks, sending gifts and riding each other’s rides.

Funpark Friends Features:
  • Build your very own Funpark with an awesome cast of characters to guide you! 
  • Choose from over 90 rides, games and attractions to add to your park 
  • Themed rides and decoration sets including Pirate, Medieval, Space, Haunted and more allow you to build awesome themed areas! 
  • A complete questing system lets you earn big rewards
  • Visit your friend’s Funparks and interact with their rides, shops and attractions! 
  • Watch your park come to life with beautifully animated rides and visitors
  • Play anytime, anywhere with offline play capability
  • FREE updates add new rides and features WEEKLY

Go ahead and grab it - its FREE!

Funpark Friends (FREE) - Android Market

Thanks Jim For The Tip!

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