Friday, March 2, 2012

Konami Releases Old School RPG Game Called Ash

Designed especially for RPG fans all over the world, Ash is a classic turn-based RPG that brings players back to the Golden Age of Role Playing Games. Set in the beautifully realized world of Aghaus, Ash’s intuitive interface, wonderfully orchestrated score, and compellingly epic story will capture your imagination. 

  • Breath-taking classic turn-based RPG action!
  • Lush visuals captured by brilliant 16-Bit style graphics! 
  • A wonderfully compelling story unveiled through an epic adventure! 
  • Intuitive touch-based interface for easy to use and responsive controls!

The game costs a decent $1.99 to buy - so if you're a fan of turn based RPG games, go ahead and grab it:

Ash ($1.99) - Android Market


Kevin Tan said...

Google marker shows item not found

Malcolm said...

It does appear that Konami might have taken the game down due to some incompatibility issues reported by users. It'll probably be back soon.

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