Friday, March 2, 2012

Splashtop THD Released - Play Your PC's 3D Games And More On Your Tegra 3 Powered Tablet!

Splashtop has just released SplashTop THD - another variant of the popular remote control app - this time specially for Tegra 3 chipsets only! What's great about SplashTop THD is that you can play 3D games on your tablet smoothly, thanks to the Tegra 3's Quad-Core processing power. It also has other features such as:

  • Play graphic-intensive games on your tablet with optimized gesture
  • Fully access your applications on your tablet such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.
  • Watch videos / Flash content streamed from your computer in any format
  • Listen to music on your computer in any format
  • Access your full computer browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) including your bookmarks, favorite plug-ins, and extensions (Flash, Java, etc.)

Sounds good? You can grab SplashTop THD for $6.99 from the Android Market link below:

SplashTop THD ($6.99) - Android Market

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