Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Star Defender 3 - An Awesome Shoot Em Up Game

Get ready to fight through hoards of alien beasts in Star Defender 3! The highly anticipated game is finally here! The year is 2743 A.D., only two short years since the last war, and the Insectus have already prepared for their next wave, with new tricks to defeat you.

Blast through 8 huge missions is the most exciting space shooter game. Missiles are just light fun for kids, but here you'll get mines, lasers, nuclear bombs, piranha, parasitron, lightning, insulator, infector, ball lightning and homing lasers!

Don't miss this hot star battle!

  • The new one-finger control system
  • A wide array of alien spacecrafts with their own unique weapons
  • 8 large missions with a huge Boss at the end of each one
  • A Bonus System, including Time Freeze, Missile Strike, and Immortality
  • More than 100 breathtaking levels
  • Unique and truly addictive gameplay

Star Defender 3 costs a really cheap $0.99 to buy and you must give it a try if you're a big fan of shoot em up games!

Star Defender 3 ($0.99) - Google Play Store

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