Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Final Space Released

Prepare for star battle and save the universe! Final Space is impressive and dynamic 3D action game that will give you lots of fun.

  • Two game modes ( Story and Survival )
  • 48 missions ( Story mode )
  • Unlimited number of stages! ( Survival mode )
  • Three planetary systems to explore: Solar System, Alpha Centauri, Sirius System.
  • Fully detailed 3D graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Attractive fully detailed 3D Graphics
  • Spectacular explosions and special effects
  • Dynamic soundtrack and great sound effects
  • Many weapons to choose
  • Weapon upgrade system
  • Accelerometer and virtual pad control mode
  • FPP and TPP camera mode

Go ahead and grab it - the game costs a decent $2.65 to buy:

Final Space ($2.65) - Google Play Store

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