Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Virtua Tennis Challenge Now Released For All Devices

Remember Sega's Virtua Tennis Challenge game? The one that was exclusive only for Xperia Play devices? Well the exclusivity stops here and the game is now out for all to download! Here's a recap of the game's description:

SEGA challenges you to take your best shot with the new Virtua Tennis Challenge!
Virtua Tennis™, one of the World's leading tennis game franchises, is available for the first time on smartphones with the new Virtua Tennis Challenge. Slice, lob and hit your best top spin as you take on the world's best and compete against 50 players in 18 stadiums around the globe. Build concentration by making plays that match your player's style; unleashing a super shot that will make your opponent sweat. Enjoy hours of game play through different modes, shots and courts.

    • Unleash top spins, slice shots, lobs and drop shots through different touch gestures
    • Adjust your shot in different stadiums and environments as you compete on clay, grass, hard or indoor courts.
    • Compete in Singles or Doubles challenges
    • SPT World Tour: Pick a customizable character to compete through full seasons of competition around the globe. Earn money by progressing through matches to buy your way into new tournaments. Each real world day offers new challenges.
    • Exhibition Match: Dive into the game and select from any unlocked courts and characters in single or doubles mode.
    • Multiplayer: Challenge your friend face to face over Bluetooth

Go ahead and grab it - its a steal at $4.99!

Virtua Tennis Challenge ($4.99) - Google Play Store

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