Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Colony Defender Released

Colony defender is the first ever isometric shooter defence ever (and this time you are the bad guy)! The main challenge is to defend your mining colonies on various planets against enemy units.

  • Isometric shooter defence game - combination of action with strategy elements
  • 3 different planets - volcanic, desert and arctic
  • 48 challenging missions - test experimental weapons, protect buildings, destroy convoys, support allies and more
  • 22 technologies - weapons, satellites, towers, walls and other
  • 20 enemy types - explosive scouts, teleport tanks, stealth drones, armored cruisers and many more
  • 2 secret modes to unlock - hardcore and weaponry
  • 4 music themes and almost 40 sounds
  • Integrated with Openfeint and Facebook

The game costs a cheap $1.98 to buy or you can try the lite version below for FREE!

Colony Defender Lite (FREE) - Google Play Store

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