Saturday, May 19, 2012

Exhaust Thing Released

"If you like hectic, non-stop action, pick this up" - Pocketful Of Megabytes

"It adds infinite frustration to the tapping formula, which makes the game fun to come back to." - Mac|Life Magazine

"Exhaust Thing offers a wealth of material for the player to pound their way through, and with such a fantastic art style—and a brilliant game concept—this app is a beautiful addition to any iDevice owner’s Games folder." -

"If you like hectic, non-stop action, pick this up." - Top 5 Best Game Of The Week by 'Pocketful Of Megabytes'

Starving smoke creatures are eating our atmosphere! The heat is rising!  They destroy the earth! Help repel this hot global gourmandization!

Earth Day is when it all starts. Plus, Exhaust Thing™ gives you a complete upper body workout.
No more flabby arms with only 1 hour of play a day!

Money back not guaranteed.

Go ahead and grab the game - its FREE!

Exhaust Thing (FREE) - Google Play Store

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