Saturday, May 5, 2012

Get Your SMS Without Losing Focus With SMS Flash!

Get Instant SMS notification without stealing focus! Specially built for gamers.

SMS Flash is a simple application that displays incoming SMS as soon as they are received, in a non interactive way. Unlike SMS popup, you can touch through the displayed SMS and continue interaction with the screen. So you do not need to stop what you were doing to read the SMS.Its very handy when you are playing Games, watching movie, recording video, taking pictures, browsing etc.

SMS is formatted and notified as a transparent view on the fly, you can set the number of seconds the SMS has to be displayed and you can use Proximity sensor to 

1. Dismiss SMS Flash on first touch of Proximity sensor
2. Extend the display time when you need more to finish reading by touching and holding
3. Go to reply box when Proximity sensor is touched twice.(#To Disable uncheck Trigger Reply Panel under Advanced Preferences#)

Go ahead and grab the app - its FREE!

SMS FLash (FREE) - Google Play Store

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