Saturday, May 12, 2012

Herocraft Releases KiKORiKi

Kikoriki: The Beginning is an arcade-style adventure game in 3 chapters. Each chapter is a unique story with The Kikoriki and YOU as the main characters. The Kikoriki work better together (most of the time) so you'll control not one, but two of these roly-poly friends!

Team up and solve all the puzzles, and you'll be rolling in awards all the way from the cozy land of Kikoriki to the grown-up hustle and bustle of the Megalopolis. Kikoriki: The Beginning. It’s hero time! Let's Roll!

Game features:
  • Team up with your favorite characters
  • Use the Kikoriki's special powers together to quickly solve tasks
  • Defeat all the Bosses
  • Explore a colourful, interactive world with destructible objects

Go ahead and grab it for a cheap $0.95 only!

KiKORiKi ($0.95) - Google Play Store

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