Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monsters Of Puppets Released

Monster of Puppets the next generation Tap & Slash game with Angry Puppets. Monster of Puppets combines swipe & slash gameplay with a "tap-to-shoot" method that makes it very funny and dynamic.

The old “fruit” salad is not enough anymore, fruits don’t fight back. The game offers a virtually infinite number of levels in which the player is challenged by the progression of difficulty and game speed.

Monster of Puppets’s cute and expressive 3D characters, combined with a lovely graphic implementation will keep you and your kids entertained for hours.

Simple and well known game’s mechanics allows for everyone to have fun from the very beginning. A wide and expandable set of weapons and abilities will help in your mission.

Key Features:
  • Stunning Arsenal: Collect a wide expandable set of weapons and tools for your mission.
  • Get more weapons at the shop.
  • Bonus and penalty objects.
  • Lovely Opponents: cute and expressive 3D characters will make you smile.
  • Fun for Everyone: simple and well made, Monster of Puppets is a game for the whole family.

Go ahead and grab the game - it costs a cheap $0.99 to buy!

Monsters Of Puppets ($0.99) - Google Play Store

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