Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Plopp Is An Addictive Puzzle Game You Can't Resist!

Plopp: Filled With Addictive Puzzle Action!

Bubble-like circles, so called 'Plopps' emerge all over the place and start growing. When you tap on a Plopp, it explodes and a shockwave is unleashed. If other Plopps are hit by this shockwave they also explode causing big chain-reactions!

Key Features
  • Big Chain-Reactions 
  • Awesome Visuals and Effects 
  • 4 Different Game Modes 
  • 3 High-Scores 
  • 20 Unique Levels 
  • 80 Challenging Quests 
  • Intuitive One Touch Control 
  • 5 Different Types of Plopps 
  • 3 Sound-Tracks available

The bigger a Plopp, the more points you get, but don't wait too long because if 2 Plopps touch each other, they both vanish. The bigger the chain reaction gets, the bigger is the shockwave-multiplier, giving you a huge reward when you cause big chain reactions!

Go ahead and grab the game for a cheap $1.22 only!

Plopp ($1.22) - Google Play Store

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