Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zombie Granny Released

In this crazy zombie killer game, you control the objects in the environment to solve the puzzle and destroy all the zombies as fast and as efficiently as possible. Travel through exciting different worlds in your quest to exterminate the walking dead, polishing your skills and collecting all the hidden puzzle pieces to set the best hi-score.

Think through the puzzle then use your fingers to cut the ropes and break the chains with just the right timing. Watch closely as your actions put the scene and fireballs in motion. If done just right, you will BBQ those zombies and watch them all turn into black ash!

You can also create passages by destroying obstacles and bring the action to life with the help of exploding boxes and shooting cannons. Zombie Granny also includes an easy-to-use Level Editor that is unlocked once you have gone through the “Pirate Ship” and “Police Station” levels, allowing players to create their own original puzzles.

Use your mind and your fingers to fight your way through an army of the undead and annihilate them all to get to your main target – The Zombie Granny! Are you ready for the challenge?

  • 3 different worlds to conquer: Stonehenge, Pirate Ship and Police Station 
  • 45 tricky and challenging puzzle levels to solve (15 per world)
  • More than 100 zombies to kill and incinerate 
  • 3 strong and clever bosses to defeat
  • Tons of weapons to use: colored fireballs, bombs, boxes, etc.
  • Lots of tricky devices to maneuver: levers, springs, platforms, etc.
  • Cool graphics and atmospheric music
  • Arcade elements with fun, ghoulish characters
  • Easy-to-use level editor (available only after you have gone through Pirate Ship and Police Station levels - $1.99 for both)

Go ahead and try it out - its FREE!

Zombie Granny (FREE) - Google Play Store

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