Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aevum Lab Releases Wrecking Baller Reloaded

Destroy everything on your way with Wrecking Baller Reloaded!! Wrecking Baller Reloaded is the revisiting of our first game "Wrecking Baller" exactly as it should have been! After years arrested and forced to be a wrecking ball to an unscrupulous construction company, Mr. B. scapes and goes in search of justice, destroying everything and every evildoers around, running through fast levels with difficulty on the verge of the impossible that will require the most of your reflexes and will make your fingers catch fire! 

This seems hard but fear not! You will be equipped with a dozen items, equipment and power-ups that will help on your journey.

  • Freemium mode of value: it is possible to win the game without spending a penny!
  • Full featured hardcore campaign mode
  • Dozens of enemies!
  • Dozens of powerups!
  • Secret stages, items and bonuses
  • Bonus and secret levels wich enables cool stuff
  • 3 new old style rock'n'roll musics

Go ahead and grab this wrecking game for FREE!

Wrecking Baller Reloaded (FREE) - Google Play Store

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