Sunday, June 17, 2012

Keep Your Precious Moments With Million Moments

Turn your cherished moments into beautiful albums - effortlessly. The million moments application makes it easy to create elegantly laid out albums of your cherished pictures with just a few taps. Give your years of pictures—your growing children, your travels, your favorite moments—a sophisticated presentation. No expertise required!

  • Create albums without editing your images 
    • Import the pictures from your smartphone or your Facebook albums, or take new pictures from within million moments to create an album automatically. Imported pictures are automatically sorted by date, with one-to-five pictures displayed per page.
  • Create new albums by attaching labels 
    • Attaching new labels to images automatically creates new albums corresponding to the labels. For example, create a label for your child’s name and attach it to pictures of your child, and you’ll automatically have an album named for your child containing those pictures.
  • Easy picture sharing is built in
    • million moments can post a page of an album to Facebook.

Go ahead and grab the app for FREE!

Million Moments (FREE) - Google Play Store

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