Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Super Video, Floating & Popup Player Released

If you've seen the Samsung Galaxy S III Commercials, you'd know that there's a cool app that comes with the device which is a popup video player where the video player is always on top and you can drag it around everywhere, resize it and do other stuff while watching your videos such as surf the net, etc.

With Super Video, Floating & Popup Video Player, you now can do all that as well! The app features:

  • Popup Video Player.
  • Multi-Window Video Player.
  • Full Subtitle Support for Video Playback.
  • Friendly and Simply User Inferface with Grid, List and 3D Gallery.
  • 100% NO AD, Made in Taiwan.
  • Favorite URL (YouTube). (Paid Edition only)

Go ahead and try the FREE version and if you like it, go ahead and purchase the full version via the in-app purchase:

Super Video Floating & Popup (FREE) - Google Play Store

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