Friday, July 20, 2012

Retro Olympics Released

Be the best sportsman in each of the 6 available events. On your mark….Get set…Go! For four years we’ve waited for the biggest sporting event in the world, and finally the waiting has come to an end!

6 different sports that will force you to push yourself to the limit to climb to the top of the podium:
  • 100 metres: Athletics main event. Demonstrate that you are faster than
  • the wind.
  • Long jump: This is a good test of power and lifting. Be sure to get power and jump
  • into the air at the right time with the right angle.
  • 110m Hurdles: You need speed and accuracy. You must be fast, but also
  • watch out for the obstacles. One stumble could ruin your race.
  • Javelin throw: Do you have a lucky arm? It’s time to prove it by throwing the javelin
  • further than your rivals.
  • 50m Freestyle: If you move like a fish in the water, then in the pool you will be the winner for sure!
  • Weight lifting: Prove that you’re the strongest.

You can play a single event or try your luck in the whole tournament. If you think that you are prepared to go one step further, compete directly with your friends or with any opponent. You can even challenge your Facebook friends, competing in a round robin.

Retro Olympics will hook you as you get into the routine of the game, and it will force you to give it your best effort. In fact, did you know that you can burn calories playing? Give it a go and check it out.

It’s a competition at the global-level. Only the best athlete can take home the gold medal.

Retro Olympics (FREE) - Google Play Store

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