Thursday, August 23, 2012

Star Splitter Released

The time has come to become an intergalactic pilot and discover the deepest secrets of the universe! Money is not an issue - play free! The Corporation has already funded your journey!

Explore the vast universe filled with extraordinary secrets, peril, alien creatures, and aggressive enemies. Perform and complete tasks of megacorporations and secret organizations!

Upgrade your ship with the most advanced and lethal weaponry. Uncover artifacts of alien civilizations and earn bonuses in space battles.

Powerful mercenary, elite starship trooper, space ranger - that’s your destiny! People, sunken in their own disharmony and doubts, were unable to parry sudden Alien invasion. Even in the face of imminent doom they failed to unite.

It was only the mercenaries who, in the end, dared to look deep into the cosmic abyss — space rangers who defied death.

    • Discover the amazing world of space adventures and star wars.
    • Enjoy the beauty of galactic sceneries: nebulae, galaxies, asteroids and comets, planets and clusters, and even black holes - all this awaits you!
    • Gaze into the terrific beauty of space!
    • Became the hero of glorious battles in the infinite void. Show what free people of the Universe can do!
    • Build your ultimate spaceship and fly deeper and deeper into the depths of the cosmos. What lies ahead?
    • Various assignments from many different customers and organizations: obtain weapons and artifacts, destroy enemies, clear areas from asteroids, and protect merchant ships.
    • Over 60 dangerous quests and missions already lie ahead!
    • And remember - completion of one task for one client can affect your relationship with others.
    • Choose and complete your tasks mindful of diplomatic strategy.
    • Over 80 types of additional equipment and weapons, special armor, and satellite-droids for your ship can protect you and attack the enemies.
    • Fire laser-guns, lethal rockets, and even a super-weapon capable of distorting and annihilating space around you.
    • Be careful! There is no second chance in this Universe!
    • Play free! The Corporation has already paid for your participation in this galactic war.
    • Download the game, choose your ship and weapons, and off you go! Godspeed in battle!
    • Star Splitter – for all arcade lovers: spaceship simulation, shooter, and space racing.

Star Splitter (FREE) - Google Play Store

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