Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Giant Mechs In Offworld - Released

Battle through the galaxy using giant mechs in an epic story-driven quest! You are the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter. You’ve just received a new contract to hunt down Ace Stokes. Using your army of Strikers – giant war mechs – you’ll visit multiple planets and meet many characters in a lengthy quest!

Plus online competition! Test your skills against other Striker pilots in online tournaments.

  • Build an army of giant mechs
  • Upgrade your mechs with awesome new gear
  • Level up and improve your firepower
  • Hire pilots to give your mechs bonuses
  • Huge galaxy to explore with lots of missions
  • Lengthy story mode with many characters
  • Compete in online tournaments against real players
  • Fully animated mechs with cool visual effects
  • Beautiful retina graphics
  • Original high-quality sci-fi soundtrack

Offworld (FREE) - Google Play Store

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