Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hunters: Episode One Released

HUNTERS: Episode One is a turn-based strategy developed exclusively for mobile devices by Rodeo Games.

  • Turn based strategy: 
    • Develop your own tactics and style of play in this turn based strategy game.
  • New Missions: 
    • Each day you'll receive a set of contracts direct to the Bridge of your Spaceship, which you’ll have 24 real time hours to complete.
  • Customise your team: 
    • Customise your team of Hunters with weapons and armour, before dropping into the turn based strategy game.
  • Drop game: 
    • Navigate your Hunters through richly detailed environments. Take down AI controlled 
  • enemies and complete your Contract Objectives.
  • Trade: 
    • Buy bigger, more powerful weapons. Stronger armor. Better equipment. New stock is available every hour.
  • Levels and talents: 
    • Grow your team. Gain more equipment, upgrades, and special abilities. Build the most powerful team of mercenaries in the Universe.

Hunters: Episode One ($4.99) - Google Play Store

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