Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Total Defense 3D Released

Play the ultimate 3D Tower Defender RTS in HD! The future of TD games is now! Total Defense 3D brings a whole new level of action to Android tower defense games. This state of the art strategy will unleash a cascade of new RTS and RPG features as you drown in the intensive battles across the unknown universe! Combat & conquer planets, raise towers and erase alien monuments, repel enemy legions, advance technologies, mine resources and even destroy enemy passageways – adopt your own strategy!

Lead the rebellion! Discover the dangers of faraway galaxies and face the armies of the evil Emperor in more than twenty epic missions, inspired by the gems of the space opera genre! (StarCraft, Total Annihilation, Red Alert, C&C)

★ STUNNING 3D – amazing graphics & free camera view as you’ve never seen before in tower defense games
★ TERRAMORPHING – bomb bridges, destroy monuments, block passages for maximum tactical advantage
★ ENGAGING GAMEPLAY – multiple weaponry and technologies to build and upgrade
★ ACTION & RTS – intensive battles in three terrains for ultimate TD experience
★ 3 DIFFICULTY MODES appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers
★ FUTURISTIC SOUNDTRACK to amplify your sci-fi gaming experience

The future of the galaxy is in YOUR hands! Get Total Defense 3D & shape the fate of the world NOW!

Total Defense 3D (FREE) - Google Play Store

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