About Us

Hello and welcome to Android Supernova. We aspire to be one of the premier sites out there in the Android World to bring you important news, tips 'n' tricks, reviews and just about everything Android! If you have some news scoop/tips to share, do drop us a mail via the Contact form.

Currently we only have a single news poster which is Malcolm Lim who is also the founder of Android Supernova. When the site grows larger, we will definitely be looking out for new recruits so be on the lookout and watch this space as it grows!

Nows lets have a look at some fun facts about our beloved founder Malcolm Lim:
  • First Android phone and device was (and still is) Google's own Nexus One which was not purchased, but rather won through a contest around May 2010.
  • Love for Android led to developing apps for the platform
  • Started developing simple utility based Android Apps around July 2010
  • Bought his first Android device (the Nexus One does not count as it was won, not bought!) on late May 2011 in the form of a...tablet!
  • Bought his first Android Tablet - The Asus EEE Pad Transformer (together with its other-half - the Keyboard Docking Station)
  • Founded Android Supernova in June 2011

So what else would you like to know? Drop us a mail and let us know!