Featured Apps

Every week we will feature either a game or an app and we'll do a quick review on it. Here's a list of the featured apps that we've done so far in descending order with the latest one at the top:

Super Stickman Golf is a simple physics puzzle game where you are a stick man figure playing golf with your objective to beat the par record set. You'll get to use special abilities to help you beat the courses and they include sticky balls, ice balls, air brakes and nitro balls! Full review after the jump.

App2SD is a useful app that helps to display apps that can be moved from the internal storage to the SD card. Since Android 2.2 AKA Frozen Yogurt / FroYo was introduced, Android developers have been busy adding the ability to move their Apps To SD card to save precious internal storage space. 

Drag racing as the name of the game suggests, is all about Drag Racing and the graphics while looks simple and decent, the game itself is simply and truly addictive. If you enjoy racing games, you will definitely enjoy Drag Racing. 

How many of you have actually downloaded a bunch of apps from the Android Market (or elsewhere) and absolutely hate to uninstall those apps one by one by going through the manage applications section, finding the name of the app or the game that you've just downloaded, click uninstall, wait, click ok, then repeat the process over and over again? Thankfully there's an app that solves that problem.

Pumpkins VS Monsters is essentially a game which is similar to Plants VS Zombies but instead of Plants Fighting Zombies, you use Pumpkins instead to fight against Monsters. Its not a rip off from Plants VS Zombies but the idea of the game is the same but the gameplay mechanics are somewhat different.

The first featured paid app - reckless getaway is all about you being a bank robber and robbing the bank is just the easiest part of the gig. You now have to escape from the law with your hard earned cash without getting caught by the police!

The very first featured app is Wifi Static, an app that I use all the time and I think you should too if you often find yourself manually setting the IP address, netmask and DNS settings for different network configurations.

The very first featured game title is Aliens Invasion by the developers iTreeGamer, a horizontal platform style action shooting game that allows you to well..kills aliens that are invading earth.

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