Thursday, September 8, 2011

[Game Review] Third Blade - The Most Action Packed Android Game?

COM2US, well known for bringing you top titles such as Slice It! and Homerun Battle 3D, has just released another top notch game called Third Blade - for FREE! I've spent at least an hour playing this game and let me tell you this - it is extremely addictive! Gameplay mechanics are extremely simple - you use a virtual joystick controller on the left hand side of your screen (all the controls are customisable) and your standard attack keys on the right side of the screen with special skills that have cooldowns before you can trigger them again. 

The game features 3 different types of blades - dual wield, one hand blade and a two handed sword which you can use to kill and slay all sorts of monsters in the game. After each level you get to purchase items with coins to improve your weapon, armor and also purchase health potions. You also get to use runes (later on) to purchase special skills that I mentioned earlier which can be triggered at any time but has a cooldown affect to it. Full review after the jump.