Sunday, June 26, 2011

Supernova Article: How to properly set HD Wallpapers on your Honeycomb Tablet

You've downloaded a bunch of really nice, awesome looking HD wallpapers with just about the right resolution for your honeycomb tablet. Then you go ahead to the Image Gallery and try to set the wallpaper and realized that the crop tool in the gallery doesn't allow you to crop the wallpaper too much, at least not length wise (assuming your tablet is in landscape mode). 

So what do you do? Its actually very simple. Let me introduce to you a very useful application that I use to set my wallpapers nicely on my EEE Pad Transformer. They're still cropped, but it is done automatically and you have a few options to choose from too. Check it out after the jump.

Let's take a look at how the original HD wallpaper that i've downloaded looks like (you can click on the picture for a larger view) :

Now take a look at my EEE Pad Transformer's desktop, after using Wallpaper Wizardrii to apply it:

Looks pretty good doesn't it? You can set your wallpapers with a variety of options such as setting the wallpaper scrollable, non scrollable, exact (meaning "as it is" with no cropping but may appear with black borders, etc), crop scrollable, crop non scrollable and crop exact. The only downside to this application is that it runs on portrait mode only so you need to rotate your tablet to portrait mode in order to properly use the application. Other than that, it is just perfect!

So go ahead and grab Wallpaper Wizardrii at the link below:


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much man! I hate how honeycomb makes you crop everything.

Anonymous said...

I dont undestand how you made it look good. everytime i set it as a wallpaper with this app on my EEE Pad it looks like garbage. completly pixalated

Malcolm said...

Hi Luke,

with the new version of Wallpaper Wizardrii, you can try to tap the menu button and then use the "fix" option to fix the wallpaper. also try to use "scale landscape". I'm using that right now and it works just fine :)

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