Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HoneyComb Tip : Personalize Your Lock Screen By Adding Some Text To It

Did you know that in Honeycomb you could personalize the lock screen by adding some text to it? You could do it very easily just by going to Location & Security and then clicking on the Owner Info item to set the owner information. Make sure you tick the checkbox : "Show Owner information on screen" otherwise it will not be shown on the lock screen even though it is already set. Here's a picture of the settings page for easy reference:

Click For A Larger View
You might be wondering, what's so special about adding the owner information on the lock screen?

Its actually very useful if you add in your contact information on the lock screen should you end up accidentally losing it (which is doubtful but could happen if you left it in a bag) so that in hopes that if a good samaritan found it, he/she would be able to contact you and return it back to you (probably with hopes of getting some reward for it). The amount of text you can key in is multi-line so don't hesitate to type away but i wouldn't recommend typing in too much as it would clutter up your lockscreen :)

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