Sunday, June 19, 2011

Android HoneyComb Browser Tip

The built-in stock HoneyComb browser is adequate enough for browsing normal desktop-based websites. However by default, the browser would send the user-agent string of "Tablet" to all the sites that you visit and when detected, you may be redirected to the mobile version of the site. To force the browser to always display the complete and feature rich desktop site, you can configure this in the browser settings by going to the action bar context menu at the top right of the screen in the browser, then tap on settings. 

Then proceed to the advanced tab and scroll down until you see a setting called "User agent string". Tap on that option and then select "Desktop" instead of "Tablet". Then go back and re-open the site that you've visited earlier (the one that redirected you to a mobile version of the site). You should be able to view the full desktop version of the site now. Have fun!

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