Friday, June 17, 2011

Waking Up Your EEE Pad Transformer Without Pressing The Power Button

This is a small tip for those who owns the Asus EEE Pad Transformer and bought it together with the keyboard dock – there is a simple way to wake up your EEE Pad Transformer from sleep mode (when the screen is turned off from a display timeout) without pressing the power button. To do this, you can just disable the option “mobiledock battery saving mode” in the settings -> display section and that’s it. Here's a pic of the settings page:

Click For A Larger View
Now when the screen timeout goes into effect, you can press more or less any key (try spacebar for instance) to wake the transformer up from sleep mode. Do take note that this will however drain the battery more quickly but it is useful if you’re the type of person who goes back and forth your Android Netbook Hybrid often (like myself). Alternatively, you could always get “Screen On Toggler” from the Android Market to disable the screen timeout temporarily and then reenable the timeout when you’re done working. Hope this tip helps :)

Note: This will not work while your transformer is charging via the keyboard. It works only when your transformer is connected to the keyboard dock AND not charging (i.e: running purely on battery)

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