Thursday, January 12, 2012

ASUS EEE Pad Transformer TF101 ICS Update Expected Around End Of Jan 2012 or Early Feb 2012

There were some initial rumours coming from ASUS Singapore that the original TF101 aka EEE Pad Transformer, would receive the ICS upgrade sometime today / tomorrow which got a lot of people happy including myself. But I was somewhat skeptical of this so I held back the announcement on the site until it is confirmed.

As expected, ASUS Singapore made a mistake and they issued the following statement instead:

[Correction] Dear all members, please kindly note that we have just received information from HQ that for TF101 update to ICS, as all has to be approved by Google, thus estimated availability to update to ICS will be around end of this month. Apologies for the error earlier. Thanks for your kind understanding.

This made a lot of people really upset of the original announcement but it is not surprising one bit as ASUS needs some time to properly prepare for the release. So to put it simply - you can probably expect the ICS update for the TF101 to come in anytime between end of this month or early February 2012. But don't get excited just yet - it might not come true again. We'll know within the next one or two weeks whether this date is accurate or otherwise. Stay tuned.

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